Why You Need a Quality Resume

A quality resume sets you apart. When you hire a professional resume writer vs. writing your own, your resume reflects your experience, enhanced with keywords in a clear, professional manner. If you’ve never had a resume, have had an unusual job history or have a severely outdated resume (3+ years), developing a quality resume may be more of a challenge than you anticipate.

Here are 5 qualities to look for in a resume service:

  1. Choose a professional resume writer, rather than an office of clerical support service. Your resume requires more that simple typesetting and word processing. Resume writing services research your field and industry, scouring related job openings business and fine-tuning methods of marketing you to potential employers.
  2. A professional resume writer is also a career coach, in a sense. Expect to be asked about your job history, accomplishments, failures, volunteer work, work environments, skills, certificates, and behaviors. Check resume certification websites to find a resume professional, such as the National Resume Writer Association.
  3. Look for a referral to a great resume professional. Happy customers or local career centers and outplacement or employment center consultants are all good choices.
  4. Ask for a free, brief, get-acquainted meeting on the phone and work samples. Discuss with your resume writer a potential strategy they may use for your specific resume. Ask about different formats and costs. Depending on your level of expertise and years of work experience, expect to see a wide price variance, from $150 for an entry-level position to $1,500 for a top executive resume or curriculum vitae.
  5. Simple questions reveal much about the agency. Do they provide you with a hard copy or only a digital file. What forms of digital files? Will you be given a digital file you can later update? If you receive hard copies, will they be printed on laser printers? Are a variety of card stocks and papers available or suggested?